The North Shore Professional Dogwalker's Alliance

The North Shore Professional Dogwalker's Alliance represents companies that are licenced to provide commercial dog walking services on the North Shore.

Our members are licenced in the District of North Vancouver or the District of West Vancouver. We are regulated under the relevant bylaws in each municipality.

As well as holding a valid Business Licence, a Commercial Vehicle Licence, and Insurance, each of our companies is also licenced to walk up to six dogs at one time on local mountain trails.

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To join us, just drop us an email with your company information.

Member information

The North Shore Professional Dogwalkers' Alliance (NSPDA) is a trade organization for the companies operating as commercial dogwalkers in North and West Vancouver.

Membership is open to any company licenced in the District of North Vancouver or the District of West Vancouver.   New members pay a nominal $20.00 membership, and from time to time a renewal amount as needed.  These funds allow us to hold meetings, and to file annual Freedom of Information requests.

Any company operating on the North Shore may become a member if they:
a) Are licenced and insured
b) Respect the District bylaws
c) Work together positively with other companies
d) Have paid the current annual membership dues

We assume that every company is welcome.
We do not require that any member subscribe to a specific animal handling philosophy.

The NSPDA offers:
  • Representation at both the District of West Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver.
  • Is often asked for comment by local media on topics retailed to dogs and walking.
  • Hosts occasional meetings and workshops for members.
  • Maintains an active member email list for tips, suggestions, and for passing on new clients.
  • Maintains a designated WhatsApp channel used for emergency communication between walkers in the event of lost dogs, wild life, traffic jams, and other timely problems.
  • Annually files Freedom of Information r(FOI) requests with both municipalities asking for copies of all complaints relevant to our industry. This allows us to understand where improvements can be made, and what the priorities are for each of the Districts.
  • Regularly contributes to task forces and consultations on trails use and regualtion.
  • Maintains a good working relationship with the North Shore Mountain Bike Association and other trail user groups.
NSPDA members support each other and can be relied on to help find lost dogs, to cover in emergencies, and to provide professional advice.  The NSPDA was instrumental in the development of the North Shore Emergency Office's "Emergency Planning for Dogwalkers" workshop.