The North Shore Professional Dogwalker's Alliance

The North Shore Professional Dogwalker's Alliance represents companies that are licenced to provide commercial dog walking services on the North Shore.

Our members are licenced in the District of North Vancouver or the District of West Vancouver. We are regulated under the relevant bylaws in each municipality.

As well as holding a valid Business Licence, a Commercial Vehicle Licence, and Insurance, each of our companies is also licenced to walk up to six dogs at one time on local mountain trails.

To join us, just drop us an email with your company information.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

List of Licenced Companies

Your first choice for dog walker should be one of the NSPDA members companies listed at the right of this post, but if you're looking further afield you should still make sure that you're hiring a licensed company.

In an effort to help North Shore pet owners to make the best possible choice when hiring a professional dog walker we are posting two lists, one listing licensed dog walking companies in West Vancouver, and one for the District of North Vancouver.

Access these lists here.

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